Kindle PaperwhiteJeremy Greenfield at Digital Book World reports on the average price patterns of ebook bestsellers over the past few months.

Average Price of Ebook Best-Sellers Jumps; Divergent Dominance Continues

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Jeremy Greenfield reports:

  • The average price of bestselling ebooks rose to $7.49 this week
  • The all-time low (average price), as recorded by Digital Book World, was in December 2013
  • The average price has increased more than 40% in the past two months
  • Digital Book World attributes this to higher-priced ebooks from the Big Five publishers, who are also better represented on the bestseller list this month
  • Veronica Roth’s Divergent series (HarperCollins) continues it dominance of the bestseller list

ePublish Yourself Green "e"ePublish Yourself! analysis

While this is likely a negative development for readers, indie-authors are likely positioned to benefit from higher average ebook prices (especially when this average is skewed by titles coming from Big Five publishers). Indie-authors, by and large, often use price as a principal competitive advantage, and large publishers are showing that they are either less-equipped, or perhaps less-inclined, to compete using this strategy.

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